Future (Leak?)

Not my picture it’s all over Twitter. Guarantee is misspelled though so more than likely fake.

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no way the future is already coming out, NBA season isn’t even over yet.

Hold on… this could be real. Doubtful, but possible

2k makes typos in the agendas all the time so it still may be possible

Looks real to me

Edit: nvm they do new promos in next-gen font I’m pretty sure, likely fake

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This looks super real

Noooo. Hope its fake

Cade gonna be a 6’8” PG that ends the game… it’s a GG

Evan Mobley 7’ SF would be a better version of DM Thon

Which would officially kill my MT so…

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This is real. Details are just too perfect in the card art, font is correct, and positions are totally realistic

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This is so bad.

They literally copied the black leather style from last year’s Generation Next promo and used the same rainbow color in the wording.

Doubt it is real.

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I don’t know man 2K is a lazy ass company

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Seems unlikely Lamelo wouldn’t be highlighted, unless they’re leaving him out for a ROTY card.

Lamelo wouldn’t be highlighted. Think about last years draft set. There wasn’t one nba player in it. All draft prospects. I know everyone wants lamelo. But he won’t come in a draft set

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One of the fakest edit I ever seen. That Jimmy butler edit from before was bad.

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This ain’t even bad. We have seen so much worse.

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But James Wiseman is highlighted tho

That’s true lol

I Think the consensus is that it’s fake. But who knows lol

Adam Silver don’t do HTown dirty. Give me Cade

I’m praying this isn’t real… but I personally think it is

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