Funny that

2k expects you to grind 1,250 ttoffline games for Lever and then proceed to drop a Lowry locker code on a whim - who is arguably better.


Who is better**


Willing to hear the argument. He’s not better (they both kinda suck though)
tbf the real reward in TTOff are the athletic white guys you do (or don’t) pull along the way


I mean, 2k made you grind 150k in XP for a DM card that was outclassed halfway thru the season too sooo

He was outclassed 2 weeks into the season with the Derozan drop.

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But did you grind the 1,250 ttofline games? No one plays ttofline for fat lever, they play for danny ferry.


Regardless if you never lost a game it’s around a 100 hour grind.

I mean no one grinds TTOffline for Lever, that said he’s the best small opal PG in the game IMO

Better height and release than Lowry, for starters

Edit: actually equal best, JCN is still very good too

Westbrook? Rose?

Y’all out here grinding for Lever fr??

They’re DMs, I said opal PG

Lowry code?

Edit found it

This is partly why I don’t grind for these offline cards, I grind at work and make good money, enough to rip packs and not miss it, I can always get more money, i can’t get more time

I have beat multiple Ben Simmons users with Fat Lever, humor me, please.


Ttoff game during aprox 3m counting loading time and quit skipping mt resume.

65-75h is much more accurate estimate

Yes but that’s if you go 7-7 from 3 and don’t lose any games, not realistic. I think my estimate was fair.

Nope. That is a 7/9 with a multiple attempts of steals and left the opponent score if you don’t.

I finished a game in less 2m more than once when playing for ferry.

1250games at 3min are 62h and half. A plus of 10h is accurate, imo

Lowry has such a wet jumper.

I haven’t run lever. But loving this Lowry card

you’re still not account for losing games.