Funny eq stories

So I manage to get wilt yesterday and I also have worthy. First game with them both …my opponent shot 72 to 80 %. for entire game. I was using essentially a god squad. My opponent had some diamonds at best.

Eqed to death lol. No one played any defense, no rebounds (rebounds all bounce back to open shooters magically) . I literally saw wilt stand there and not even turn around to contain a drive.

In a separate game Isaac bonga grabbed an offensive board against wilt :joy:

Any funny eq stories ?

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Sapphire Marvin Bagley roasted my Tim Duncan during my 10-2 run last night. He had 28 & 12. He didn’t miss one single three and had a poster on my Hakeem that was so crazy, I might have quit if I wasn’t winning. I don’t know what it was, but he was like a ghost. It’d look like I was in perfect defending position, he makes no dribble moves, but just glides past me. It was comical.

Here’s a good one. Great sequence of events where I was up 5 with the ball and about 1:30 left and ended up losing because the game went totally on rails.

I don’t know what I like more about this video: me missing a wide open 3 followed by him hitting a ridiculous contested 3, or Webber deciding not to box out and instead leave his man totally wide open for the go-ahead 3.

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Wait your camera doesnt switch ends? Thats hella annyoing to play defense at that angle, Id argue its detrimental.

How the hell do you play that way lol.

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It’s way worse in TTO if you have 2 opals.

Funniest thing for me when Wilt missed an open dunk over ruby trae young that was standing right under the basket.

Or when my opponent made 4 heavily contested layups over Wilt and AK.

Been playing that way for years, it just makes more sense to me.

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I would think its super hard to play perimeter defense that way

When your player is standing in front it’s difficult to see what the ball handler is doing and more difficult to judge the spacing behind the 3 point line, even the paint when he goes for a layup there at the end its pretty disorenting because its hard to see the angle of the rebound through the backboard.

But I guess to each their own.

Well, I just gave up 47 points so I’d say my D is pretty solid man :joy:

Playing D with the offense in front of me just makes more sense to me, it’s how D is played irl. The real problem is that 2K doesn’t intend for people to play no-flip so there can be blind spots (that could be fixed so easily, it’s frustrating). But I’ve been playing this way for like 13 years or so, I’ve gotten used to it.


No I’m not saying you’re bad whatsoever, just it might be handicapping you a bit.

Like you can’t even see the corners when the ball is on the right side lol.

Also at 20 seconds, his DR J runs off screen and you can’t see where he is on the fast break.

Yeah, if they’d just pull the camera back it’d be so much easier. I get by because I play D with my Center, and I switch out of the blind spots and defend where I can see.

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13 years of 2k. You a real og! First 2k I played was 2009 on Xbox

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Also to be on topic I once had Amy Micheal Redd drop like 50 points on my god squad, legit could not stop him idk what the hell was happening.

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Dude, I’ve been playing 2K since literally launch day of the original 2K for Sega Dreamcast.

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