Fun TTO Lineups

kinda got bored of stomping with KD, AK47 and Dwight.

Drop some lineups that might spice things up a little

KD, ben, KG

Giannis tmac pg13 :fire:

Been running Duke players. GO Grant Hill, PD R.J. & PD Laettner.

My South Carolina team would get destroyed…
Alex English, Brian Winters, Chris Silva

I like using
Amy Lance
Amy Bagley
Ruby Thon

Brand Roy
Spotlight Giannis
Blake Griffin

Lance Bagley Manning

Only problem is I get 150mt per win because I finish too fast

Ruby Thon
Ruby Jeff Green
Sapphire Hamidou Diallo
Idk why I have so much fun with these guys but there is nothing like stomping three opals with ruby and sapphire cards. I can clear a whole board with no losses with this trio.

I’ve been messing with lower tier cards in tto. Kostas Antetokoumpo is a beast. Been running him with Amy Otto Porter and diamond Malik Beasley and they’ve been slaying.

Diamond (Free) Ben Simmons or Amethyst Lance
Diamond (Reward) Jonathan Isaac Or Ruby Thon Maker
Amethyst Marvin Bagley

Evo pd Kidd Igi KAJ. Hidden effect of those cards is i get 99/100 matchups with people that are using evos as well mostly starter cards. So usually easy winn unless equalizer hits me hard

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Was bored figure I run a stupid lineup.
Ruby thon
Bol bol
Maunte bol

Lineup is aids but I onball at least lol

Just won a game using Mugsey, Nate Rob, and Isiah Thomas lol.


Who should I pick up today to complete my TTOnline lineup?

I have been fun with GO Oscar, PD Gay and GO Durant winning 90% of my games.
Sold Gay yesterday to buy him back during crash with shoe and contract.

I would like to try a versatile big to do some damage in the post when needed.
Kareem? Bol? Others? Who is better suited for TTO?

Opal KD is TTO God

Don’t play much but equalizer team Ruby Thon, Ruby Jeff Green and Amy Lance Stephenson is pretty fun

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opal bol
opal kp
opal kd

KD and Oscar are locks bro, I need a big.


Opal kd
98 Pd ingram
Pd radja