Fun or Fake

I don’t mind it, but is this too far? LOL


This is dumb the game is broken

Oh hell yeah cant wait to buy this card lmao

Put backs and offensive boards in this game are so fucking broken.

If you watch closely, players will jump like 10 seconds before the ball even hits the rim. What kinda Spider-Man reflexes these dudes have?

I’d rather have shit look like this than the big people who have never shot a 3 in their life having range extender but we know we will have both soon enough :joy:


maybe they are trying to make little guards useful? idk tbh I like it

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2k releaes 3 PGs last week that are godly two with HOF dimer so everyone buys them, now they release another PG which is best in the game, one week later.

Nice 2k, nice.

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Is that John Stockton lol?

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yes lmfaooo, im streaming now catching bodies w him

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I’m gonna be really excited when Stockton jumps over my Rik Smits.

i just got a contact with stockton on Mikan lmao hes nutty

How the fuck did you do that quick stop with Kd

He faked pass when he caught it


Don’t know how I missed that

I’m getting him for sure. The anger of getting dunked on by Stockton and Manu should cause many rage quits.


It hasn’t even been a month and 2K has already released the first of many fairytale NBA Jam cards. Is it too much to ask to have somewhat realistic cards for a game that praises themselves for being the “most realistic basketball simulation on the market”?

Just another reason I am retiring from the mode. It’s a joke.

Unfortunately, MyTeam is only popular for these reasons. I wish it was all real cards, but then it would be no different then a MyLeague. Ultimate teams modes will always be fake

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This is hilarious lol