Fun Heat Check Lineups

I would have posted some lineup pics, but 2kmtcentral doesn’t have HC cards.

Anyone making any fun Heat Check lineups? I’m going after Wilt, so I’m locking in sets constantly. Have every HC card now except Lebron/Steph/KD, and I wanted to have some fun with them.

So far, I’ve just replicated the Knicks. That will be fun to play with as different guys get hot. I actually won a MUT game with them, against an all Amy squad. Had a nice 2nd half comeback. Enes Kanter lead the team with like 22 points. Dude is a post god.

I made a “HOT” team, just to see the best current hot players. Fun for Domination.

And then I just made my own fantasy basketball team. That is one of my fav lineups. Too bad HC cards cause team overall to be so high. I guess if I wanted to badge everyone out, they could deal with the crazy god squads. But I don’t want to spend that kind of MT on novelty lineups.