Fun games to play with your SO

So what are your guys favourite games to play with your SO? (like couch co-op games)

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Def go in the living room cut off all the lights and play Outlast 2

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Too hardcore for me lmao

Terraria, Diablo 3, Boarderlands, Divinity 2 Orignal Sin are some I know off the top of my head.

Source: Gamer dating my GF for 7 years.



Can’t wait for this

Diablo 3 with my girlfriend right now.

Little big planet

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My broad plays Sims. I can’t vibe w that. She also cant vibe w 2k or 1st person shooters. I like it that way. Don’t need her asking why I let the other guy score a basket 30x a game.

2k but I put all the sliders in her favor.

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My girl likes Sims. Meh. Seems to be a reoccurring theme here. Lol.

We got both the Classic NES and Classic SNES around Xmas. Tons of fun. Granted I grew up on those systems, so it’s all nostalgic for us.

A Way Out is great couch coop.

If you have a PC and Xbone in the house, I highly recommend Sea of Thieves (supports crossplay between PC/XB) - There’s a two person boat, my wife and I have had some amazingly fun times in SOT.

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My girlfriend really likes playing Overcooked

If you download the dolphin emulator (GameCube and Wii) you get a bunch of extra options.

Can play Mario kart, mario party, super smash. There’s also a great game called “dokepon kingdom”. Like a bigger longer Mario party, with some RPG elements (still a big “board game” though).

Factorio was fun, but a bit too intense. She did like making walls around our base though. Starbound is fun for a big open world game where you can build (similar to terrieria). Portal 2 if you won’t kill each other.

How’s factorio? I’ve looking at that game for over a year

Diablo3, by far.

Why not run rec centre, cant be worse tha with 4 randoms lol

Is A Way Out easy enough for someone who doesn’t really play video games? Would be a fun game for me and my wife but she isn’t really a gamer. Only game she ever really got into heavy was Ark: Survival Evolved.

Unravel 2

It’ll have a bit of a learning curve, lots of mini-game style controls.