Fun Fact: The Foul Limit To Trigger The Quit Option Is 15

Didn’t know that until just now when the dude I was playing had a GO God Squad and had 6 fouls in the 1st, 6 in the 2nd and got his last 3 in the 3rd. I baited him into the last 3 though😂

I was down 15 too


All 15 have to be user fouls?

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Nah. Cause a good 4 of them were CPU in the 2nd quarter

He did get 4 fouls in a minute in a half at the beginning of tip off

I had dude get 19 against me so theres that. And he finished game tho.

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Is it 15 total, regardless of distribution of when they occur? E.g. not a limit for “X amount in last Y minutes”?

Always 15?

If this true I feel way less bad for people who come on here complaining about getting fouled out a game :sob::sob::sob:

Did he get 6 fouls with one player?

I’ve never been kicked on a CPU foul. It’s always a user foul. Even during the foul glitch in 2k18, I never got kicked as long as I kept my user fouls low. The CPU would get plenty of reach-ins, but I was never penalized for those.

Nah the whole team

I’m thinking a User Foul triggers it but his User:CPU Foul ratio was high

I’m not convinced cpu fouls contribute to it. I’ve had some games where my cpu on their “help” defense fouled just about every time the other guy had the ball. This guy was at the line all game it seemed and I didn’t get booted.

Yeah I don’t think there is a set number, and CPU fouls def don’t count.

I think it depends on time of game. There seems to be a threshold for number of fouls over a short period of time, and some kind of game foul limit. Not sure if the game limit changes as the game progresses or not. It’s never seemed consistent to me.


Cpu fouls don’t count and from my experience, shooting fouls either. Only reach ins.

I’m pretty sure it’s like 6 reach in fouls by a user

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I’ve been fouled out on like the 6th or 7th foul of a quarter when 4 were user fouls and only 1 user foul was a reach in. The other 3 were contesting shots at the rim. There’s no simple answer to the foul nonsense unfortunately.

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I hardly have ever fouled out but I do have a tendency to go on little spurts of reaching fouls lol. “One of these is gonna get the ball”.

So how does this happen boys? Did they turn off the foul amount? And on my game 10? Lol


Nah cpu fouls do count. I remember when I was playing tto I had like 6 fouls and then the cpu got called for a reach in and then I got the L

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I played a guy last night that ran up to 19 fouls.

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It was never 15, haha. Nobody knows the real system.