Fun Fact: Lakers could go .500 the rest of the year and still win 50 games



So, you’re saying there’s a chance we make the playoffs?


2 things would survive apocalypse: Cockroaches and Lakers fans.


West 8 seed could be 31-51 some point so Lakers starting can rest r4ady for playoffs

You have a way with words


Warriors 24-0 never forget

What happened the next year?

You gotta understand this was coming off our first ship in 40 years. We lost in finals up 3-1 this year, we got revenge and won the ship the year after

Respect the 24-0

This team would get merked by the 24-0 dubs no disrespect


My point is it’s a good start. Very good. And the 24-0 has been the last good start to remember

Just lock up the 1 seed and LeRest the 2 stars.

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LEts act like its not a team game :laughing:

Strength in LEss