Fun cards to try

With it being the end now, what are the most fun auctionable cards to try out. Any different suggestions other than the mainstream?

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Uh I’m a fun card


Yeah @508G37 can be pretty entertaining sometimes

Kawhi reference lol

Diamond KiKi

Opal rose is lots of fun

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Opal Kyrie

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Diamond :gem: MPJ

Diamond Gordon Hayward has some of the best dribble animations in my team.


How do? I had more like with the limited. The opal doesn’t feel the same

I never used the limited lol, i haven’t used a Kyrie all year

Opal Paul Pierce is very fun if you like to iso

If u can get ur hands on sig lim lebron u should. He is a problem

If u havent tried pd pascal try him

Jayson tatum is great too

Opal Webber is fun too, his fade is great. But he’s more a guard than a big man, his thin frame is awful imo

GO Arenas

PD Pistolwhip Pete

Diamond Tatum

Diamond Hedo

Ruby Chapman

PD Bill Russell at PG

Diamond MPJ

PD Fox (feels like fastest card in the game)

GO Clyde
GO Iverson

Webber is too cheap not to and hes great