Fultz New Home

Fultz going be the man over there in Orlando he going avg 20


If he get’s healthy and get’s over his jumpshot problem. I can see atleast 15ppg


Trust the Process


I hope the kid does well


He just need a team where he can control

I don’t wish him ill, but he looked awkward as hell with and without the ball, like a little kid who can’t control his own momentum. He’s one of the most un-graceful athletes I’ve seen, and that doesn’t even touch the mental or injury issues. I just don’t see it.

Wym Um grateful athlete

Graceful *

When you cant get Lonzo so you have to settle for FuLtz

Lonzo ass

Fultz is way worse

Have you really watched him play? I’m in Philly and was really rooting for him. He always looks like he’s a bit out of control, even when he doesn’t have the ball. He ping pongs around everywhere, half stumbling when he tries too hard. I really hope he does well, but I just don’t know if he’s capable.

Markelle got traded :joy::joy::joy: for Jonathon Simmons :skull::skull::skull:

Fultz actually getting up there in alltime busts. Tbh only Bennett is above him.

And Zo

I’m just messing with ya. Don’t troll me. Zo can play lol

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at this point hes a mental case. its all in his head and imo hes defeated mentally. Very anthony bennettesque.

Not even the Magic’s good Jonathan

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That’s what I saw in Philly. The lights were too bright, it’s like he wore the criticism physically. Maybe the Magic will be a better environment for him.

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The magic would be a better fit for fultz he didn’t have a lot of pressure on him