Fultz diagnosed with Thoracic outlet syndrome

Basically they believe he has a nerve issue which doesn’t allow him to rotate his shoulder thus making shooting impossible to pull off.

This story just gets weirder and weirder.

Not to mention that a Boston based physical therapist who wrote an incredibly detailed article about this a month ago that was deleted the morning after it was discovered.

Man I hope this is a solution and it makes sense of its all true. As does an unreported BMX crash as a possible cause. But why was it deleted so quickly? The blog, the twitter account, everything gone from existence overnight.

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think there’s a doubt that Sixers Twitter is the best Basketball Twitter.

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That’s so sad. I feel bad for the kid

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Yeah man. :crossed_fingers:t5: That this is the solution and the 2nd Act of his NBA career will be him shoving it in the faces of everyone who gave up on him.

Mortotcycle accident coverup

Not Again Fultz.
MIP 2018 (Most Injured Player)

If the story is true he’s never NOT been injured since last year. TOS is intermittent and flares up, which explains how he was shooting so well earlier in the year and then fell off a cliff so quickly.

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I feel bad for him just want him to prosper in whatever team he will end up, I mean give the kid a chance to start over. He is still very young :frowning:


So anymore of a surgery solution?

From what I read is that there’s 3-6 weeks of physical therapy to get movement back enough to get him playing again but surgery may be required in the off-season to regain a full range of motion. The guy who wrote the deleted article said he should basically take 6 months to a year off strictly with therapy which I hope isn’t the case but if it gets him back to what he ways it will be worth it.

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Poor guy I couldn’t imagine that much pressure, everyone gets it at work and can usually escape at home but he is 20 has probably never faced so many problems and even if it is simply psychological which is never simple the dude then has people on media saying he is soft and cannot cut it, but if he is simply struggling to adapt to the NBA he is called a bust. Where does he go, what does he do to escape, 82 games of being in the media and then an off season of trade rumours, I really hope this kid has a strong support network and clinical help on his side to help. I really like hose game and I can see how a jump shot would make his potential huge, he just needs a break.

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There’s an article on The Ringer about it I found interesting. More common in baseball players and it tends to be career-ending or -altering if you’re an older player. They sometimes end up taking out your top rib. Younger guys have a better chance of recovery, though, and baseball has a different range of motion so those stories aren’t the best comparison.