Fully badged pd AD up for 4 hours

Has Deep Range, Limitless, Dimer.
These worth at least 60k alone.

2 hours

wait what those badges actually sell for stuff?

Ive been quickselling all the badges i pull nowadays since i hit 20 on most of my shit wtf

Be very hard to hit 20 limitless range and DRD.


Not when youve never used any badges :stuck_out_tongue:

You would literally have to open 1000’s of packs to 20 of each of those.

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Just checked and you are right, I have 20 for bruiser, pnr, pnp, dimer, flashy passer, difficult shots, mid range deadeye, and 14 for limitless

drd i only have 8 but i used 3 on AD PD

Damnnn 14 limitless range badges. You can make a quick 70-85k mt right there by selling them. I sold one last night for 6.2k

6.2k WTF now it makes sense

a week ago i put liek 2 limitless and drd for like 2.5k BIN and 1000 bid price, and they sold in like less than 30 minutes i was like wow thats nice