Fully badged AK47 or invincible PG at point guard

AK has blinders and 63 HOF badges. Is PG worth the upgrade?

AK and its not close. Unless you are fan of PG in rl then thats fine. PG has no stance i think

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Could not agree more, I hade PG13, AK, and Hedo all with HOF blinders and I could not understand why ppl love that PG (200-300k) over AK or Hedo both of which I think are better at the PG. that said I’m not the biggest fan of AK and Hedo shooting from the corners off the catch where I’m elite with PG. off the dribble I feel like PG13’s release is quite slow in comparison and I had a tough times getting uncontested shots vs the other two.

I actually Love Hedos release and sigs, Ak’s behind the back while I can’t think of a specific area I liked PG over the others. If I were you I’d grab Hedo since he’s arguably the best of the 3 (AK is better on D while Hedo is better on the offensive side) and cheapest.

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