Full opal team for 500k

I’m not spending any money on the game this year. I don’t compete online anymore and I’m quite happy with a “budget” team. Having said that I would still like to run an opal starting five a some point. Based on the cards they’ve released so far when do you guys think it will be possible to that with the budget of 500k MT?

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Not anytime soon. Unless you wanna run AI CJ type of guys thru 1-5

I know the prices are high right now, but there is always a point when everything goes to shit and you can get cheap opals. I just can’t predict when it’s going to happen this year…

That’s gonna happen man.

Last few weeks of the game when everything is dead.

Everyone has a ton of MT this season not going to happen quickly.

When dynamic duo packs hit the market will go to shit. Could still be months away dunno what 2K got planned since we’re already halfway through all the usual Opal releases lol. Every player gonna have 2-3 Opals lol.

There is free opal in TT offline :upside_down_face:

cheapest opal team rn i think:

Harden grind (AI 100K)
BRoy grind (Vince 200K)
Worthy grind (AK47 200K)
Issel grind (Bird 275K)
Kareem 450K


Or Ibaka… Only 500 TT games and 2 months of ginding him from pd to opal :joy:


Thanks, but I stay away from TT as well.

I think the hardest spot will be the five spot, if you are waiting for prices to come down there is a few opals at most positions but 2k are saving the centres