From this day forward... Tokens are useless

PD Carmelo Anthony is here and is a God card, likely best Card in the game at the moment. Lebron is amazing and KD plus Larry should be here soon as well. PD Wilt was released yesterday and a new PD Kareem, PD D Rob or Opal May be on the way so there is literary no reason to lock in useless heat check sets for the 3 cards that are in the Opal market or for the outdated PD’s. Use that MT on the pullable cards that are here now and coming soon.


Truer and wiser words were never spoken


Thank god there’s a token service :zipper_mouth_face:


until they drop GO tmac in the rewards !!! LOL JK


Shit like this is what im talking about…

Huge exaggeration but w/e.


I haven’t used him but I know he’s going to be better than worthy and I’m a huge worthy fanboy.

Call it free publicity if anything you should PayPal me 10 bucks

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Idk man he’s good but I’m super disappointed he doesn’t have difficult shots or tireless and to a lesser extent relentless. I love the diamond but I don’t really give a shit about catch and shoot, pick and popper and ankle breaker on Carmelo.

Can I say "shots fired " ??



Opals are still worth it and tokens are useful for boosting card count. Yeah if you’re going for the diamonds/pink diamonds they’re pretty useless now.



Pd Wilt has nothing on Go Wilt…


Opals are on teetering on the verge of extinction with this promo , why would you lock for worthy when you can get sweet shooting melo. All anyone cares about is threes

I like PD Mutombo a lot still. Granted, only had him for a month or so but you know.

So you can run them together

What’s exaggerated about it? The new Lebron and Melo are very comparable to Worthy and I’m a Wortgy user and one of his biggest advocates. Worthy is still better imo, but not Lock in 30 Heat checks, entire current collection, and all throwbacks type better. Makes way more sense to just buy Lebron and Melo. Worthy is basically a 2 million MT card. Little Wilt as well and small Walt.

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I can see them dropping a fire go in the rewards to get people grinding that token game again. Dont think walt moved the meter lol


KD will be better than Melo and he’s coming next week. Also he will have diff shots :rofl: