Friendlies Xbox JohnnyHimrod vs. Dallin.s56

Hmu to play, I’m sitting at 8-0 waiting for next month and domt wanna mess anything up. GT is KiNGMambah

I’ll inv when I’m back, give me like 20


Added you, I’ll invite you


Lmao that last alley oop. Gg, that was fun.

Piss on that lol. Gg, whooped my ass.

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Anyone wanna run friendlies? Bored as shit

I’m down

I added you

Iight gettin on now


Yea gimme a sec

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Inv me when you’re ready

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at

U can change title of thread to let others know we streamin

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Also add me again

Why no volume on the stream?

Kinda annoying with the playbook glitch lol u run casey?