Friend Wanting to Buy MT

My friend is looking to buy 500k MT. Willing to have it by Today. PayPal only, and His twitter is: KingKb1. Price is willing to be $6/100k. His snap is: KingKb6. PS4 USERS/DEALERS ONLY. :warning:

“Your friend” can make an account here and go with a trusted seller on this site.

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They were all sold out, so, that’s why I made this thread.

$6/100k is max.

He can contact me.
I have the most viewed/replied topic in classifieds and you never messaged me.

Oh, ps4? Right? And what’s your twitter? Sorry for not.

No twitter.
Can deal here.

My friend going to have to create a account.

I just specified that you didn’t message all the sellers.
If he want to deal then he is welcome.

I’m willing to deal with you.

He will probs.

His account on hold for replying… idk why.

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PM. I’ll give you the paypal.
Let me know the card he posted after the payment

Aight his account is @KINGKB01

But not his PayPal.

Closed at OP’s request.

I’m here

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