Friend Can't Make a Post on 2kGamer?

Friend wants to make a post on 2kGamer, he is logged into his account, but the new topic button isn’t there. Anyone know what the issue is?

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Oh, he’s probably suspended. Tsk tsk tsk, it’s always the noobs

A new user has to spend a little time on the site before the system lets them make a post. The more time you spend here, the more features start to unlock.


Ok, thanks!

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I had the same question thanks !


No problem :+1:t3:

i have unlocked some badges and been active for be past couple of days. You think it takes a week?

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Do you have 2 accounts?

I just earned the basic badge. It took about 2 days . It worked out with being active on the site. Thanks again!


how long does it take to be able to post


how long would it take for me to be able to make a post?

Don’t think it’s a set time, think you just have to be liking posts or replies, commenting on things just generally being active on the site I’m guessing the more active you are the quicker you’ll get it


I have been registered user for quite some time now. Even did the advanced tutorial with bot and still cant make a post for some reason. No idea why, though…

Try message support

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thanks man. Will try to contact message support later today.

Take care!