Friday the 13th


Thoughts? :open_mouth:


I’d take it.

Will we see any card not named either Scottie Pippen, Russell Westbrook, or Hakeem Olajuwon today?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good



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imagine a 99 PD RIP Hamilton!

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Stop talking dirty.

We need a PD Chauncey though, lesbireal.

I just want a pullable DRob/Russell that is still relevant

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I’d love a Rob. Dude is a great card and I’m nowhere near his PD.

Im really hoping we get a bunch of 99s before seasons end. The 99 Kobe is a good indicator that we’ll get a new Larry Magic MJ Shaq and others. A new PD MJ should be the best card in the game so I think they’ll save him for last.

He’s my supermax starter, d Rob is awesome

Mine too with orange Adidas diamond shoe. He dominates.

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My Admiral looks so sexy in his Curry highs.

Ugliest shoe alive.

Well, you actually can’t really see the shoes on him because they make him run so fast… it’s like he’s wearing PF Flyers.

I have the orange Adidas on Kareem and I bet he plays 10X better than Rob. Can’t shoot threes as well, but 99 speed, 97 Acceleration, and 99 LQ are definitely game-changers on a 7’2" card.

But D Rob doesn’t do that “crash the board for a put back instead of just grabbing the easy rebound, not coming anywhere close to catching the ball, and hangs on the rim for 12 seconds for no reason” move.

I just hope it’s not a collection