Friday promo

What do we expect for Friday? Token update? Nothing? New promo?

We just got a promo, on the pace they’ve been this year it’ll be two months before the next one.


Yeah this is crazy. Lot of recent content.

Legacy, Token Update or new Flash Packs would be my guess.

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Robert ‘‘Chief’’ Parish Legacy


Better be a token update tho


Diamond Glitched LeBron PF/PG


Yes please​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Nothing… they are lazy bastards

I got enough tokens to get my last six pink diamonds and an opal…hoping for a token update tbh


The entire community is sitting on stacks of tokens and 2K don’t give a damn :rofl:


I have enough for the last 6 PD’s but only 200 toward an opal :sob: which is OK because while biceps looks good we’re starting to get cards that are approaching his level… the next opals they drop should be much better than Penny, DRob, Hill. One would imagine… maybe by then I’ll have enough.

Primarily just hoping the new PD’s are usable for a few months.

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Exactly that’s why I’m not rushing to redeem those other PDs I need

Just give us a pd chauncey billups with hof QD gold range extender and Hof Clamps+85 strength


I’m hoping for a dynamic duo update. It’s pathetic the lack of good Duo’s there are. It would breathe life into the existing cards we have and shake up the market too since cheap cards would have more value if they provide boosts to others.

In today’s ago of overall cheesing, duos could be even more powerful if a sapphire card can boost an Amy then you’re getting juiced cards that don’t affect your overall.

Ridiculous that we have to think like this, but here we are…


I think the next Duo update is obviously coming on Valentines Day right?

Not sure why I get excited about getting tokens, their value is so low right now it is offensive.


Couldn’t agree more. I was a little suspicious when I saw how easy it was to get tokens this year. 2K did it cuz they knew the light at the end of the token tunnel was a bunch of shit cards significantly handicapped by their badges and key stats.

It’s like the government giving you coupons or rebates to a bunch of shit stores. They wanna seem like the good guy claiming the mode is “more rewarding than ever” but the rewards they hand out can only redeem watered-down crap…

Yep. Even the GO’s are like maybe 200k AH value only. What’s easier/cheaper to obtain, 200k MT or 750 tokens?

I’ll be happy if they drop 5 PD’s and even 3 of them are usable.

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If it updates soon I think it would be:

1-2 opals, McHale or AI again

5 Pd’s, new point guard and a taller sf that can shoot well

2-5 Dia’s, best looking card art, probably a decent sf/pf, sg, maybe another pg that can’t shoot

2-5 amy’s, none any good but will be nostalgic type players

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It’s amazing that they came out with content yesterday… moments the day before… and I come on here and see people asking about content…