Friday Predictions!

after a FIRE mid-week drop, 2k is destined to outdo themselves on friday, what are you all thinking? i have a couple in mind:

  1. Retro returns
  2. 2k21 version of next promo
  3. boring ol’ flash
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seeing how we got Kawhi today… Which big names are missing a DM? i know there are still plenty of GOAT cards otw… But damn, who else now ?

I hope they drop some players from next draft class need Cade and Mobley

Bird, Pippen, Karl Malone, Embiid, Robinson, Yao, Dino, Dirk, Hedo, Olajuwon


Oh man do we need a Radja card. Even if he’s just opal


good point! i can see dm Ak47 DM odom otw

Yeah, I completely forgot about Odom, his last cards were in February, it’s mad


Need one of him or DRob this week. Wiseman’s feeling outdated on current, for mine

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DM Odom please.

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i hate facing wiseman. he moves so fast on next gen. hate it

Oh he’s the damn best on Next, him and Bol (still)

Need someone bigger and better on defense on current, though

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Wiseman is so overrated on current gen. That Curry jumper is not it

To each his own I guess but he is so ridiculously overpriced

I actually like Curry jumper a lot, so I guess that’s the difference. It’s better than than Lopez base that Zingis and Bol have

He needs an upgrade on current, though. Hell I might even check out this Towns just for a bit of fun

Him and Wendell are demons. Definitely want to try out towns but only for the right price

Wendell at 6’10" probably needs to be run at PF for mine, and with that perimeter defense I’m not sure I can make it work (especially over Thon/Bill/Ferry)

He seems great though, that Gallo base is cash

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Wendell is definitely fine enough at the 5 even at 6’10”. Wingspan massive

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I’m not that fussed but I’d guess a lot of people would be excited for a lamelo

FF 2: Invincible Yao, Invincible Bonga, with DM Scal, DM Radja, Opal,Manute, Opal Drose, PD Lin.

Invincible Kareem on Friday. Mark my words.


We haven’t even seen invincible MJ yet. Don’t be shocked if he comes soon in some kind of promo