Friday Packs Leaked: Iced Out

They have Paul Arizin in the game wow

They may have all 75 cards then


Seeing Paul makes me think they honestly may have all 75 lol. :flushed:. I will wait to get excited when I see them in the game but damn. If we get Reggie and Chuck…wow.


Cryogenesis, very interesting. Seems like another version of glitched

Had to look up who Arizin was. Glad to see a Philly person. Russell and Erving are exciting.

Definitely excited for Dr. J

We are really close to having a real competitive 76ers team.

PG - R Snow
SG - GO Iverson
SF - Dr. J
PF - Dolph
C - D Mutumbo

Nice bench possible with D Bobby Jones, R Matisse. I even like E Simmons ( the card, not the person who is way too sensitive to be in sports). May need to also get Maxey for the bench with PD Embid.


Think embiid is worth it?

Not really. I got his other PD cheap and really did not like him a lot. Luckily able to sell him for a 35k profit. However, Mutumbo when combined with Snow is worth it. However, totally forgot about Malone who I have and really like.

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Got 96 Malone soooo underrated such a steal imo.


Agree. Never understood why his price bottomed like it did.