Friday pack discussion

Seems like 3rd idol is on the way, expect insane prices as it’s new season and everyone gonna be hungry to grind new exp challanges. 1st PD auctionable point guard?

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Hopefully a Tmac is here.

Glitched promo again

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Season 3 will be mainly on Next Gen so hopefully they dont skip over season 2 content.

The game isnt the best but using cards like Deron, Giannis, Klay, Stockton etc have been pretty fun.

I think season 2 will start with a bang Friday.

gotta be flash, or a season tip off promo

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Something like the s1 tip off, east-west lots of new player and now they add xp chs for them also.


Man a NBA Bubble Promo would be sooooo fire.

How hard is it to simply THINK? I dont know who is in charge of content but enough is enough.


Damn this post just made me realize my Allan Houston lasted the whole season lol he was a S1 tip off card lol


a bubble promo wouldn’t be hard to make, and would get the community hype

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I’m thinking “what ever the season 2 is called” tip off packs with 30 cards to kick us off with


I know this wont be even close but I want a pg dame. I know it wont be right but it is just a guess.

an amy dame would be nice

they need to make a set called playoff chokers. and have pg,curry,westbrick etc. That would be funny.

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yo pg shot like this tenor (2)

dawg who was that you threw in there??? CURRY???

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Vs lebron in the finals.

He was 73-9 and up 3-1 against a terrible lebron team who managed to pull back the series win so I would say curry is deserving of that list lmao

a terrible lebron team with kyrie and love? terrible isn’t a great word for that team

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Im a Warriors fan and still hating on him.