Friday Content Theory

Okay with 2k upgrading all these cards today, it just means Friday we are going to get our best card yet. My theory is we are about to get G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan.

My reasoning, they updated his animations this week, they gave us G. Rice and Kobe for free so it’s just a matter of time before they add an even better SG to the auction, and my last reason, is it’s MJ mania with “The Last Dance”


Very very believable tbh

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I’m down with this

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capitalize on the remaining opals, then release opals that can play all 5 positions with juiced stats

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I’m thinking they drop him the week when the Last Dance ends but this is def possible. We have to wait to see what they do with GOAT cards, will they be token rewards, in packs, or collection rewards


The only other guys I can think that maybe better are PG-13, KD, and Kawhi but they are normally SF

What other SGs? Mitch also out of the way

Def dropping Jordan soon while ‘TLD’ is airing

All time sims


Positionless Giannis is coming eventually

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I want a Karl Malone


No. Don’t you say that. I can’t play another minute of offline.


Ahh atleast we will be able to evo some of these cards while grinding

Imagine if they did limited sigs as well like last year, man people would go crazy.

I’m 99.999% sure it’s either gonna be GO Giannis or GOAT MJ.

I hope they put them limited to 23 like last year so the 12 big youtubers can magically pull half of them again.

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They’re all definitely getting SG accessibility. This 2k we talking about lmao.

We’ll get GOAT Jordan, and then a couple weeks later SG eligible PG will do everything he can except with better animations and more height, then a couple weeks later SG eligible Durant will do everything PG does except with absurd animations and even more height.

Remember the guy who pulled like 20 of the 60 odd limited melos?


Kemp, Malone, Payton, Frazier, Reed, Unseld, Baylor waiting for their opals


If Unseld gets an Opal it’ll either be in Buzzer beater packs or on TT Offline or online. I hope online bc hes always good imo

Aren’t they both 6’9" in the game tho

Durant’s model seems longer than PG from an outsider perspective but I’ve never looked back to back.

Regardless the point generally stands :joy: