Friday Content Predictions

Collection Reward:GOAT Bill Russell/Duncan
Cards in pack:
GOAT LeBron James
GO Westbrook
GO Ingram
GO Moses Malone
GO Anthony Davis
PD evo Mo Bamba
PD Ben Simmons
PD Jon Isaac
PD Cam Reddish
D Kawhi
D Yao Ming


Something everyone will still complain about :joy:


Thanks for covering it all… someone should bookmark this so that way hopefully we don’t get 4 topics about what’s coming out today or tomorrow :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I see Mo Bamba, I press like


Anyone think wes unseld gonna get a evo, he the only pd in the 400tkn pack that ain’t evo, I got like 10 ready to sell just in case


Sell them before it’s too late… :joy:. I see a Wes Shouldseld PD locker code. 2k rules


If we get another promo, I think there will be no lower than PDs like the final promo last year.


Opal Mo Bamba (Gen Next Promo)

PG Bol Bol

Base 98 center

Any of those 3 and im happy.


Flash 37

GOAT Bill/Timmy

Glitched Bol Bol
Glitched Ben Simmons
GO Westbrook
GO Richard Jefferson
PD Bobby Jones
PD Lamelo Ball
PD Toni Kukoc
PD Nick Van Exel

Lock in: 200 tokens


i fear this might be spot on

Guarantee PD LaMelo Ball


I think we see a GOAT card every Friday from now on.

Possibly Duncan, Bill Russell, Lebron, Giannis tomorrow

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Only 3 more goat cards Russell, LeBron & Kobe 24 I can make an argument for Tim Duncan and KD but I don’t see it Duncan and Russell not moving packs tbh

If Steph got one Kd should

I agree. I think maybe goat Oscar Robertson as well. I think Giannis and Bron will be the last 2.

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We definitely seeing Giannis tomorrow, they barely made money this week I think we getting OP3 with opal PG Giannis and reward lock in is SF/C Bol Bol goat Bill Russell in packs

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I’ve been saying this but literally make GOAT packs lol and just chuck like a lot of top players in history

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100% agree

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Oscar not getting a goat card I really think it’s goin be 10 goat cards, no lock in but if it was one it would be Kobe 24 with 74 HOF badges

If Curry got a GOAT and Oscar doesn’t 2k is stupid asf