Friday Content Predictions

What do you think is gonna come out this Friday?

maybe idols? or cause its too early for retro and I can’t see us getting another promo this soon

I can see a DM Kobe or LeBron

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I reckon we could see like opal Kobe and dm Lebron


I hope we get a Kobe, I would never be able to afford it tho.

Ben Simmons or Lamelo.


Maybe a PD MPJ ?

Possibly a new Porzingis?

were definitely getting a point guard

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If they drop idols the main card would be someone who had a longer carrer so i dont think it will be Lamelo, maybe an opal V.I.P

Grant Hill is long overdue


Jerry West

DM KD or King James

Depends if they care that MLB drops next Friday. If so, they may be saving something insane for that day to keep people around. If not, I could see a DM Ben Simmons tomorrow

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That might be the case idk I bet MLB is gonna be lit


I think it’s going to be excellent, and now it’s on both PS and XBOX. I just don’t know if it takes much of a bite out of the 2K pie when it drops. There are definitely some people here, myself included, who will be making the switch, but we might be the exception rather than the rule

Idols embiid and simmons

I disagree with that since he was just in the vault but i could be wrong i definitly could see pd mpj

Am I wrong or I want the Fan Favorites to come back so bad