Freelance with lots of off ball screens for my Wings to get open 3s?

So I have been trying to get the hang of running plays and it is just not happening. 24 seconds is not enough time for me to get myself in order with all the button clicking and right triggering through to find the plays. Add to that, the need to figure who I am gonna do what with (post, 3 etc) when (mixing things up) and it is impossible.

Anyone have a nice freelance that will get my wings running and my bigs setting picks to free them up for 3 balls?

Point freelance


Which playbook? Is that in all the books?

(EDIt- found it in the Warriors playbok)

did it work for ya? im lookin for a similar freelance as well

Using Point Freelance and can’t be happier. A lot of screens and double screens for shooters, similar to Quick 5 out plays from bucks playbook except 5 out spacing. Spacing in middle or side PnR/PnF is not perfect, but acceptable. Very fun to play.

The post I didn’t know I was looking for. Definitely going to try this out, thanks!

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


Do I have to have a certain playbook to use this freelance? I currently have the magic playbook

No, as for every other freelance just select Point from the freelances list, it’s on the last page.

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Oh okay thanks man

Flow. Thank me later.

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Flow by far.

Dude, your flip push video literally made me switch from triangle into flip push. Thank you man you the goat!

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You’re welcome. Just mix that in with Flow, plays and some Series offenses and your opponent will be all over the place trying to stop you lol. That’s why i dont understand the one trick ponies that just PnF all game or hide behind screens for 3’s. Its so obvious. Having a versatile offense is the way to go.


Where can I find the video? I’d love to learn

Same thing, warriors playbook?

Iverson series runs screens mostly for sg/sf position rly op


Iverson Series mixed with 21 Freelance

i dont get Iverson series at all. I watched Shiro and he gets these 3 point plays ran all the time then i do series and it runs these 3 point plays once in a freaking while. While i constantly get way diff plays, mainly cuts for Magic lmfo

I noticed the same thing, it seems to reset for me when I sub players into the game. Not sure why