Free throw problems

Has anyone else had a problem shooting free throws in this years game? I usually play mater off, but no matter what I put the meter on or whether I shoot with X or the analog stick (Xbox one) I shoot a very late. Every. Single. Time.

In general my controls don’t work this year. If I try a hop jumper, the guy takes one step forward and shoots it. I used to be able to shoot hooks by holding up on the left analog and X at the same time then letting go, fades by holding down left/right and X, I’ve been using those controls for 15 years playing this game but this yeah none of them work. I can’t tell you how many games Ive lost getting intentionally fouled and bricking every shot.

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Sounds similar to my experience. Also Xbox. I think it’s lag, but I know nothing about technology.

Online I have to release on the meter well before the green/good area for all shots. Then it, like, fills up the bar into the good area.

I’m really jealous of guys who just keep three hunting. I can barely shoot moving threes online.

Online I have to outstrategize guys, and I also loaded ruby Sabonis up for Limited with a dozen of the best badges for backing into the paint and dropstepping, or passing. Dudes must hate my boring ass game, but I’m really at a disadvantage online.

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