Free SuperMax Playoffs Throwback Pack

2K just sent me my locker code for winning 3 SuperMax games. I was expecting 5 bronze glows, but packed Wilt. Has anyone else pulled anything else decent with this free pack?

I got amethyst Danny Green. Not sure if they are juiced. Whatever, I’ll take it!

I still haven’t gotten one and I’m 20-6, this season. Wtf

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Same I made pd like the second day of supermax and NOTHING smfh

Nvm check your junk folder or spam. I got it on Sunday lol

Nothing on my end yet, I’m sure I won’t pull anything lol

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They sent an email about the promotion (you have to open the email) and I found mine in my junk/spam folder too. After I won my 3rd game, I received another email in my junk/spam folder with the cord. Took around 12 hours to get. The offer expires the 17th, I believe.

I got the first email never got my code though


You get the code 24-48 hours after opening the email

I opened that shit 5 days ago

I’ve sent a ticket in regarding this and I’m hoping to receive soon.

I haven’t gotten anything yet. I’ve had 3 wins since Saturday. more on Sunday

I didnt get an email at all…

Not even gonna send a email i bought mt before dont want my account checked lol

Hmm :thinking: unless your transaction history is squeaky clean I wouldn’t bother sending 2k support a message to try and get your free pack. You might end up doing more harm than good. A lot of people have been getting suspended here

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No suspicious activity on mine (yet)

Well good luck

No email. Not sending a ticket. Fuck that.

Anyone know if placement matches count towards the 3 wins?

I had the email about winning 3 games but cannot find it anymore wtf