Free Packs

Not too sure if many know about it, but you can currently get free packs if you go the the PS Store and also X-Box (from what I can make out) and go type in NBA 2K21 in the search option and go to NBA 2K21 Play at Home Pack. Saw on JD’s stream, think he pulled an Opal T-Mac from the pack. It’s free, so can’t complain:) Gives Inferno, Flash 5, Amethyst Lillard and 5k MT.


Does it work for Nintendo Switch too?

Unlimited packs??

It’s a GamePass perk on Xbox.

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Not too sure? I’m on PS. Go to the Nintendo store or wherever you can download games and DLC etc and check. I’d assume so.

I hope :crossed_fingers:

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Dang, don’t have game pass so looks like I’m just grinding Sims.

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I can’t find it, I checked yesterday

Where do you go on game pass to get it?

No idea sorry. I’m on PS. I just went to the PS Store and NBA 2K21 and was there as an option for free add on.

I found it using the Windows 10 Xbox App under Perks


I redeemed the code but didn’t get anything so not sure what’s going on?

Here’s the website link for Xbox

Gotta claim on current gen

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From JD’s video he put up was in the packs to be opened section. I’m at work, so not too sure at the moment. I’ve redeemed it from the PS App and assuming it will be there when I get home today:)

This would explain why I haven’t had them pop up, I’m on next

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I downloaded it from ps store now what? It didn’t show up anywhere. I am on PS4

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Its only for people with Xbox Gamepass.

So no Nintendo :sob:

Nevermind. I just had to close app a few times. It works on PS4.

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Finally jumped on after nightshift and sleep and was in my unopened pack section waiting.

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