Free Multidimensional Pack

Anybody else get one? I closed the app when I got back from class and reopened and was there.

you have dwade edition ?

I got 5 useless cards

Edit: as in not a single card from the set

Got Ward

Is this finally the theme pack for legendary edition?

Yea I have it

I just got this too

This is what I’m thinking. Though are they not considering prime or legacy packs as promos? Because they defs are.

Got mine as well and pulled MJ. Had pulled Havlicek on the pack we got for daily reward and had the rest of the set for cheap the week packs were out. Now the conundrum is to sell or go ahead and get JR since I got the expensive part of the set for free. I was already torn on selling Hondo as i really like the card and now it’s even worse. #firstworldproblems

I got it earlier

Anyone on xbox get theirs, haven’t gotten mine.

Either they aren’t or their backtracking from the very first promo

Got emerald cpaul lmao

I bet you they aren’t counted and this is it til the next promo. I’m okay with this I guess if we get those packs on time going forward, but giving us their oldest promo now is a bit rude

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got havlicek and now he’s bin

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