Free MT Xbox Tonight

Sold all my players yesterday and am giving away my MT on Xbox tonight…I had some more MT, but did a mini pack suicide…as it stands I think I have about 600-700 K to give away.

Tonight sometime in the evening I will name a few random players to put up at a certain price and Ill buy them out.

Have a good day.

Not interested in selling the MT…I understand I can do that. I dont have any rep and dont feel like dealing with all that shit.


Go first with a trusted member and sell it man. Make some money back.


Bro this is sweet… I could really use the MT since I’m going for PD Giannis and the other spotlight cards. Thats dope man

Agree there tbh. Make some money off it. At least you get something back

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Yeah I agree have someone sell it for you. That’s a decent amount of $


Yea I would try to sell it. You can undercut the big MT sellers here. Maybe sell it for 8-10 per 100k and you could easily make $60

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I’m actually surprised he isn’t selling it too tbh

If you don’t plan on selling, which I highly recommend you do, then I’d be happy to take it off your hands. Ima broke boy on 2K lol


Sweet! About time one of these giveaways happen on Xbox. PS4 seems to get this kinda stuff all the time.


It feels like my super day today and I’ll get something :smiley:

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yeaa giveaways!

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Do it!!

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Thank you again for doing the giveaway bro. Much Appreciated

Any idea what time? :face_with_monocle:

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That’s rad of you dude! :pray: :pray:

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Probably like 7 Eastern…could be an hour in either direction.


Can’t wait bro. Cant wait till i get home from work . Honestly appreciate this giveaway

Could always use some MT your the man!!!

Still goin on?

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