Free money for Xbox users

So I just found out on the Xbox there’s an app called Microsoft rewards where you can see how many Microsoft points you have and use them towards say a gift card… found out I had like 270,000 Microsoft points and $100 on there was 90k in points… so I got a free 450k vc for 2k

Thought I’d share that for you guys it’s free money


270,000 points???

I just checked & have 1757 points :worried:


I’ve been getting Microsoft points for like 4-5 years, time to check in :eyes:

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I couldn’t believe it I was like oh man this is crazy… plus now when a couple games come out in the fall I don’t have to buy them

It’s not really free money when spending money gets you rewards points


True but considering I’ve had the same account since like day one of Xbox 360 and all the games I’ve bought over the years it’s a nice thing I found lol

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Jk i only got like 700 :disappointed:

This is why I don’t hangout in the party ron always bringing up old stuff :joy::joy::joy:

Not avaliable in my country :frowning:

I was going to say it takes an insane amount of money spent to get to 270k microsoft points

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:joy: all good bro glad you found it. I was hype like you when I found it… had 400k vc worth

Or you can do weekly surveys for 50 points

Dude so pumped that all the years when I was spending my parents money and the last 9 of being out of there house has paid off… aka wasting so much cash on games lol

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Yeah, I have 445,553 right now. You cap out at a certain point and can’t redeem until January 1st of the next year. Been capped since April. I might use all my points to preorder the next Xbox at this point.

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Yep, checked when 2k20 launched for the first time in 6-12 months, had enough for $50 VC, and just ripped packs to get a little “free” head start. Committed to NMS in MyTeam this year.

dude musta been using bing for everything lmaooo

That’s the only reason I did it, I figured I can get a good base hopefully with this to hold me over while doing a nms, figured I’d pull and either sell everything or if I pull the Amy’s might just accept having jr, but prolly gonna just sell everything and just wait it out

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Don’t do premium sets now. Deluxe packs devalue everything.

Better off ripping league packs if you want to make MT. You can get every card in the set except MJ/Havkechek for around 50k MT.