Free Diamond Consumable Login on Christmas


Diamond Contracts are dead this is the final nail in the coffin. If you hoarded sell asap.

Hope we still get a locker code too.


Jesus. Selling my contracts. Fuck this lol

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probably will


Cant wait to use a 69 ovr team and beat Christmas noobs by 60


Fuck 2K…

Ima just keep mine for a month or two more

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It could just be shoes

Contracts and Shoes would be my guess

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I’m sitting on 12 of them. Safe bet to say sell 'em if you got 'em.

Free pierce the next day…whats up with 2k in Love with pierce and monroe


About time the damn shoes dropped in price

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Lol I knew buying contracts wasn’t the move. They’re gonna be super cheap after this


You guys who hoard stuff for a sell back in this game crack me up. Every day, “eff 2K” because they release stuff that is actually good for the non-hoarding gamer to make stuff affordable, and bad for those who are stocking up on stuff to profit from later.

I mean look, I got no love for 2K- they banned me in 2K19 and I maintained my boycott until the Black Friday sale. But it’s like what do you want?

This is tangential, but you guys remind me of the pro stock hockey elitists on (2K is purely coincidental)

So apparently back in the day it was hard to get pro stock hockey gear. This this site came along that wholesales it:, and now all the guys in the forum who were once the cool kids in school because they were the only ones that had the connects with the equipment managers, are no longer the cool kids in town.

Guys it’s so clear- hoard MT if you wanna do anything, because there are inevitably crashes that guys who are MT rich can benefit from. And once you got what you want, figure it’s gonna drop lol.

Anyway I am an offline player and just enjoy the grind and getting new cards, nothing really special. When crashes happen, I finally get to try cards previously out of reach, so bring on the crashes!


Preach. I laugh at how all the crappy rewards (although still something for free) is always met with a “major L bruh”. However, whenever they give away something nice, something a user might want it’s met with “screw 2k, they’re flooding the market, they’re crashing my investments”. I mean, how dare they give away something nice to players right?


Nah those are cheap moves by 2k to take as much MT out of the market as they can in order to maximize profit. You basically have to buy in again every few weeks. What’s the point of having to sell cards back after a few days. It’s not a charity to make stuff affordable, it’s the other way around, milk kids again and again. It’s a multiple pay to win system, worse than any Lootboxes. Especially with those „super packs“

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Just dumped all but 3 of mine, gonna keep one for giannis and save the other two for future cards

Honestly every type of card should be easily attainable in the mode. The problem is that they aren’t.

You get it.

I agree with you when it comes to devaluing player cards so quickly, but in THIS situation they’re just contracts.

If you really bought stacks of diamond contracts when they gave out a free one for thanksgiving, and really didn’t think they’d give out another one for Christmas, that’s just gullible. Going back to last year, they gave out a locker code for a diamond pack on Christmas. Of course they were going to do something again.

And diamond contracts being cheap benefits everyone. So long as you don’t try to hoard unreasonable amounts.