Free Agent Cards

I noticed I’m missing a lot of free agent cards, I’m wondering if there’s a particular source for them within the game or if I’m just going to miss out.




Random packs or the vault?

They give it out at certain win goals.

Oh, I must not be far enough then. I don’t see any…

at the beginning is where i got mine, i have 12/19

Weird, I’m missing a lot of them then. I have like 8/19 and I have 125 wins in TTOff…

Bro I have 1000 wins in TTOff and I’m only 8/19…unfortunately you get duplicates :unamused:


That explains it then! Thanks for the info.

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You trying to figure out ways to get the card count up for AD?

Yeah, any ideas?

Short of grinding the spotlight sim no. This week will probably be light on too, either flash or buzzer beater Tuesday, then prime on Friday. Max 10 new cards.

How far away are you?

About 30 cards… Agonizing. :slight_smile:

Obsolete question probably, but have you purged all your tokens getting all token rewards and balls?

I’m guessing all the remaining auctionable cards are expensive as hell

Yeah I should’ve used my tokens on PD rewards instead of 2 Opals. I screwed myself lol…

Only gets you a few closer though. I’d imagine you will have him within 2-3 weeks…might just have to play the waiting game

If they release 10 cards, I’ll have him next weekend.

You did all the spotlight sim?

Nah, that’s 75 hours I don’t have to spare lol

how much did it cost for the last 60 auctionable cards you bought?