Foul out glitch (position lock glitch)

When choosing a player by force after a foul out.
Any player is put in.
Yesterday while Spotlight TripleDouble mission,
IT was fouled out and accidentally entered Dominique.
I haven’t tested it MTU but it’s probably possible to use Giannis as a point guard.

It works but there’s easier ways just start 2 guys with pg/Sg eligibility at point n 2 2 sf/pf guys at 3 n 4 N a center at 5 but you bench as all pfs n centers with Giannis sub in bench n u get Giannis at point with ibaka at 2 amare at 3 lafrentz at 4 drob at 5 if you got all them players



Unfortunely it does work, it seems that puts the shortest player out of position at PG.
So if you have a SG 2 SFs and 2 C it will put the shortest SF at PG and the shortest C at PF

That’s wrong, it doesn’t put in the shortest player. I’m not sure what the selection process is, but with PG, LBJ, KD, & :gem:Ross on the bench 2k will put PG at the 1.

Can someone let me know when they can get Lebron at the 1

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Not sure, but you would probably have to have all PF & C on the bench with Lebron.

I tried, Lebron, Shane(emerald), AK47, AD, Robinson, but it just moved the bronze starting shooting to point guard off the bench, even tho he was in the starting lineup

People spend more time looking for glitches than on trying to get better at the game :man_facepalming:t2:


Idk, if no PG is available maybe it’ll pick a SG by default. :man_shrugging:

But is being good at a broken game really an accomplishment?

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Ummm yea no, I’m pretty good at the game, until I run into those behind the back momentum dribblers that somehow still are able to 5 out, I learned a long time ago, if u can mix the good basketball iq with some of the cheesy tactics in 2k, then you can win most of your games

You can deal with everything without putting Giannis at pg.

I very well could, but that is also my choice to make sir if I want to put Lebron not Giannis at the 1, I appreciate the concern, but u gotta expect ppl to look into this

Your CHOICE to put Lebron at pg?! What?! I GOTTA expect people to look into this?? Really?? :man_facepalming:t2:

But is this broken game really a reason to put Giannis at pg? It’s not that you’re running into huge point guards all the time. Actually you don’t run into them at all right now (I’m not talking about Magic). So what’s the point?

It’s his choice because it’s his team. People are going to do this, there’s a YouTube video about it.

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Yes really, I’m not understand why u have a issue with this honestly

People are actually winning games & even going 12-0 by playing zone & rim running. Who gives af what position players are ran when the game is broken af


His choice is to glitch the game, not to put LBJ at pg cause there’s no provided option to do this.