Fortnite the first cross platform game ever

When do u 2k will get updated

Dude, wake up, we cant even properly connect into game on separate consoles :joy:

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I hate it when your right lol

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U wanna play against galaxy opal Wilt day1 ? (Pc) lol.

There are a fair amount of cross-platform games nowadays. My wife and I play Sea of Thieves together on Xbone/PC.

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I don’t think this is the first cross platform game lol fake news

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He means first game to allow Xbox players to play with PlayStation. Idk If they are first, but this is huge. PS4 and Xbox one players can now play fortnite together

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I hope madden does this, i miss those leagues i used to be in on xbox

lol games still awful

This is the first cross platform between xbox and ps4 tho !

This. Very fun game before, but building spam has completely ruined it.

I wouldn’t say it ruined the game. It just increased the skill cap in the game. Which isn’t bad or good. Building is the core of the game. It’s the ultimate counter to everything on the game. If you can’t build you won’t play well. It’s like learning plays and runningoffensive and defensive schemes in 2k. The average player may not run it but the advanced players who take the time to learn plays and defense obviously play better, same goes for building you learn to counter what the other person is building and doing

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Nah, totally disagree. The building started out by being a unique and refreshing aspect. Now, people will immediately just spam shit as fast as they can without firing one single fucking bullet, and every encounter ends up being a 10+ story build fight. That’s not a “skill gap”, that’s called being a coward. Even Epic has come out and said that they’re currently working on a new strategy to minimize it and change things.

And before you start yapping about “you need to get good” or some stupid shit, I have hundreds of wins. But I haven’t played in weeks… the game is a shell of its former self.

I never said you weren’t good I don’t doubt that but I wouldn’t say it’s cowardly. People get into these build fights to get heigh advantage. They see what the pros do and how important high ground is. And the skill gap of building a structure faster than the average player and building to prevent your structure from being broken easily. High ground matters and that’s why you get into these build fights. Ultimately it comes down to who runs out of mats and or who get high ground. I wouldn’t say it’s cowardly it’s an aspect of the game.

Building has become the number 1 most important thing to learn before even gun skill. Of course you can out gun people but if I can out build you no amount of gun skill can really help you kill me. The meta of the games just changed and it’s root isn’t the pro scene with all these massive building fights happening for positioning

I am a beast at fortnite. I was awful at first and didn’t like it. I hardly play but when I do. I usually have a lot of kills

Fortnite is fun af

This is why I cant stand fortnite. I dont wanna play minecraft in the middle of a shootout. Sega genesis graphics too

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