Fortnite chapter 2 season 2

anyone playing this? just came out today and they added a bunch of cool new features

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I haven’t played in over a year, games not fun anymore really not to me at least. Season 3-7 were great but it fell off after that

I started playing before season one and then stopped right before the new chapter came out and sold my account, have just started playing again though and its a nice break from 2k especially when your playing with friends

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yeah solos get boring after awhile, but i can play with friends for a long time lol

What’s fortnight?

Haven’t played a single game since they added the giant mechs. It was just too much and by then the game didn’t feel very fresh.

they removed those mechs a while ago

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I remember fortnite when it was a real fighting game without all this stupid buildings.

Now if you haven’t catch the building system you are dead unless you are a superfast learner…

I’ve given up. Won few times without really building so it’s enough for me, I got those umbrellas lol

I think the thing Jewish boys get removed 8 days after birth.


I used to play fortnite quite a bit, but then it got very boring when they added the planes and took away tilted, now I don’t play it anymore at all.

So basically they have better chests hidden behind these henchmens buildings. So the only way to get the scanner chests is to go into a phone booth and it makes u look like the henchmen I think ? Aren’t helicopters coming too soon ?

apex >

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This man is educated