Formula 1

Any fellow F1 fan on here? :grin:

Who do you got for this year Championship?

Mercedes and Hamilton. I love F1 but it’s became so boring that I can’t watch beyond the first lap

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Yeah, the fact that the last 7 championships were won by the same team is pretty boring.

I miss that early 2000 years… can’t wait to see how Mick Schumacher grows as a driver

Wow! I take it back. Amazing race! Hats off to Hamilton. One of the best driving performances ever! Man i wish the rest if the season will be just as amazing as this one

Verstappen blow it up badly… just had to be a bit more patient and try to surpass Lewis in a less aggressive way.

The better driver one with worse conditions. That’s something we haven’t seen in years. When Hamilton said on the radio “leave it to me” i was so pumped up

that “f you” attitude christian always loved costed them this win Lmao


Yeah… he’s an arrogant d*ck lol

I’d be arrogant too if i’d get to sleep with gerry halliwell every night lolol