Forget the Buck's PB

For those who don’t know the updated Pelicans playbook has legit 5 Out in it (not the bootleg version in other PB’s) and also has wayyyyy more 3 pt money plays than the Bucks. Went 12-0 like 3x in the past week with this gem and figured I’d spread the knowledge.


Yeah i know this but didn’t try it yet. What play do you run to 5 out ?

What are some good money plays?

Or you can use 5 Out Series for spacing and any PB you like


In Myteam? Never heard of that

Iso 5out 6

Yah but the iso5 out play is quick and easy. Series u gotta run a play. Then they end in the spacing correct me if im.wrong

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Exactly why I don’t use 5 out series. I need that shit to be set before I cross half court

All plays within the series start automatically when you inbound the ball.
Not sure that I got the last part right (about “end in the spacing”).

teach me more

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I’m listening I wanna learn 5-out.
Any good playbook?

can you call your own plays in this format

Best 5 out PB’s atm are Pels and Celtics imo. They have way more money plays than the Bucks and have legit 5 out

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Thanks man! I’ll try the pelicans.
I wanna have fun

celtics got 5 out aswell ?

never bashed the 5 out users but anytime i get pb glitched & run the 5 out offense it is painfully boring for me, although clearly effective


Of course you can call plays from your playbook :slightly_smiling_face:

I like this format because you can have spacing and run money plays from any PB you like.
5 out series provides space for some simple action like pick and roll, drive and kick, cut to the basket.
Nothing more. If I want a money play - I call Fist 52 Give or Horns 4 Quick Flare from the Bulls PB.

If your run Bucks PB, for instance, you have a full book of 5 out plays like Fist 5outs or Iso 5outs - but I couldn’t call any of them “money”. They only give decent spacing - just like the series does - and that’s all.

I haven’t seen Pelicans PB, maybe it’s great indeed, I don’t know. But Iso 5 out 6 - mentioned above by OP - I wouldn’t call it “money” too. It’s a regular Iso/PnR play, very simple, nothing better that what Series gives.

Yeah they do

how do you get that spread without calling anything?

i’m unfamiliar with series

Too boring

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