Forget Lakers vs Rockets

Tonight is the first time we see CP3 vs Rondo since their last brawl. And they’ll be matched up at some point…

Who do you all think will get the best out of each other? Who’s going to throw the best punch out there for either team?

There’s certainly no rivalry between the 2 teams. But Rondo and CP3 always hated each other since Celtics & New Orleans days. Both were elite point guards back in those days

LeBron is turning up the intensity and the Rockets need to get out of their current slump. I’m expecting a tough game but probably no punches tbh


They won’t be matched up at tip off since Bullock is starting over Rondo.

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Forgot, Lebron has been playing point forward. Either way I’m sure they’ll see enough of each other on the court for most part of the game unless it gets out of hand

I sure as hell wont be betting on the rockets, I’ve learned my lesson…

Rondo wasnt starting last game. Even when lonzo was out.

Rockets will blow a 26 point lead