For those who sold much did you get?

I left for the beach 10 mins after posting him. Had a friend keep me informed, he forgot to look right before he ended. Was 170k with a few mins left. What did yalls sell for?

Glad I didnt do a buy now.

Can we still auction him? lol

I brought mine for 160k.

100k bin

Nope. I hit the window of opportunity & had one of the last ones posted.

Damn. Still 100k for a card worth about half that.

Bruh … :face_vomiting:

95K. Who woulda known he would sell for so much.

Shout out to @ItsShake4ndbake for the heads up on twitter to sell his ass asap

Can people who auctioned him try to get him in UL again? That would be really fucking funny.


I’m hoping that’s the case hahaha. otherwise I’d rather keep than get the 100k. I’ll soon find out and post if it worked

Doubtful. He shows up as a blank space, so most likely not. If so, I’ll get him w Alex English as my 1.

I would have been happy to get 90k for this bum

He killed it at the 2 these past few days for me. Black Jordans & shooting badges & he’s an assassin.

He’s basically what Zion Williamson will be like imo.

I’m sure he can play well but against elite competition you’re not convincing me bro

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I sold him for 99k. Inward too scared to list him for auction thinking 2k would reverse it once servers were fixed


I know. I can’t deal with the stress Unlimited so I was willing to overpay a lot for the card