For those who sold back after AK

did you look up each uniforms individual price? or go bid only and were able to get rid of them pretty efficiently? i dont mind not making max profit, mainly just want a chunk of my MT back to finsih the current collection

IIRC I sold most away jerseys, except Spurs/Thunder at ~850 and most home jerseys at ~650. If they didn’t sell I’d just drop the price 50-100. It didn’t take that long, surprisingly.

as in quicksold?

I have done the same thing

No he’s saying he put a standard price on them. I personally would look up certain jerseys because some hold a premium and you could make 500-1500k more. For example, Raptors away and Bulls away jerseys (96-98). Also depends on pack drops and what’s being ripped. Jerseys can be like other cards in the sense that the market can be dry and cause them to increase.

Then you have statement and city jerseys which hold a premium