For those who need their MT sold:

To whom it may concern:

@jusbro92 sold my MT for me, gave me a fair rate, and was trustworthy the entire time. He does most of the work, and you see an increase in your account. I would and will use him again. Everyone desires profit, but it seems like he actually wants to help you sell your coins. A+.

Wow Thanks so much for the recommendation man, posting on my 2kGamerRep page was good enough but I guess when you do nice things for people sometimes they pay it forward like this.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You were a pleasure to work with in Discord, thank you for all your patients with those deals man, I can’t thank you enough for that.

Yah guys if you are looking for someone to sell your MT for you and pay you pretty good than hit me up. Be glad to help and you are helping me as well.

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Any Xbox guys want to sell 100k MT? I got a customer asking me for 100k so if you want a sale hit me up with a price.
Thanks :slight_smile: