For Those Of You Having Trouble With Domination

…Run a switch all defense. Below are some screenshots of settings from facing the all time Thunder that you can use as a guide.

As you can see, you want to play smother/ deny on elite shooters with 90+ 3 ball such as Ray Allen & Kevin Durant. Also, with these high rated 3 point shots, you want to set no help for these type of players. Players such as Russell Westbrook & Gary Payton who have 3 point shots in the 80, you can use moderate on and off ball settings along with help and no rotation.

Here is the amount of points I received for completing the game. As you can see, I still received more way more than enough points for the 3 stars and didn’t get the free throw bonus plus I jacked up 3s without worrying about the percantage. (Even though you should, very important.)

One last very important thing is to have tall players at every position. I run Giannis & LBJ as my point guards and for the most part I just back down the smaller PG that’s guarding me. With the AI being alot smarter this year, the CPU will tend to place small PGs on the SGs and bring their best wing defender to guard LBJ or Giannis. Usually they can still back them down in the post but now I can take Kevin Durant & Have him now post up the original PG. Hope this helps for those of you that need it.


Damn bro, giving those defensive settings out like it’s nothing :joy:

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Lmao I ain’t worried about it. You still gotta be elite online to even master it


Very true

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damn Himrods been in the lab

Still cant play online as of right now. So just tryna do as much offline as I can lol

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You haven’t gotten Finley yet?

Nope. Internet still down, long story short the person responsible for the bill didn’t take care of it for a few months and didnt say anything so now it’s all piled up and now on me to handle it. But I jus started back work this week. So I ain’t getting paid for about 2 weeks lol

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Well hopefully you get it back up before Finley goes away. I know @OGxSuave is offering services and I’d be happy to try and help out if you wanted to go for him man!

Yea should be back up soon. If not, I’ll mos def hit og up

He’s a beast bro. Especially at PG surprisingly

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I legit just old-school PRINTED this thread out on paper


Look at this dude, flexing his ability to print 8 colored pages. smh, ink costs an arm and a leg lol.


I swear we run the exact same defensive settings lol. Everybody, it 100% does work.

I hope you get the internet stuff sorted out soon… I unfortunately know what that feels like.

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I got these from mrmcfinkle for 2k18 when he was around lol. I even use em online

lol these are my 2k18 settings too. Although I don’t think they are as effective in 2k19 online because catch hedge was primarily for blow by protection

What hedge setting is best against pick and fade?

I dont use the catch hedge. Its more of a habit lol

Domination is so boring, one time I had a 25pt lead and woke up to being down 3. Lol.

I am running your exact same settings, since I am a lover of switch all defense. Nice to see another defensive expert run the exact same thing without having talked to each other.

I wanted to ask you this: doesn’t the cpu ever fail you in switching? I find it’s vastly improved from last year, but at times I find the man who guarded the handler go around the pick and basically double the handler (since I switched manually with my big).
How do you avoid this, if you can?