For those not wanting to spend 400k for diamond Klay

Throw an open 3 shoe on heat check Klay & badge him up. When he’s on fire & you have Weathermans on him: Depending on coach…results may vary.

99 open 3
94 contested 3
96 Defensive consistency
97 shot contest

I only use him to run a few plays & catch and shoot 3’s…no point in spending 400k for that. This is a budget version costing 1/5 or less than that.


who’s your coach

But no hof badges tho… That’s a big deal breaker


This years 2k as long as you’re open it’s going in, yes you can’t pull up from the logo but in terms of how he plays his still very good and for 10k he’s perfect for a budget guy who needs a shooter

Depends. Either D’antoni or Casey. D’antoni is better for Klay since it gives +4 to speed and ball control.

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I’m not even on a budget, but 400k for any card is ridiculous imo. I spend 43k on the shoe, 7k for heat check Klay (during crash) & had all the badges from TTO. So for 50k I got a beast who helps not get equalized so hard in Unlimited.

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I feel this, OP. The higher tier HC players can be budget alternatives to these D/PD cards. I haven’t been able to scoop a new Harden yet, and I was seriously considering HC Harden. I saw some as low as 15k last night, but I wanted to find one that had all the bronze badges golded up. Those sellers wanted a lil more lol

I have Kerr. I’m going to be looking for a klay with a shoe now for cheap.

Or buy chris mullin, drazen petrovic, or ray allen. Ray allen a little iffy because of his release but most people use klay as a 1 dimensional player, and the 3 I listed shoot literally as good as klay

Have Klay and Drazen on the bench with Drazen being the PG

Opponent doesn’t know what to do

only problem is klay has the hof badging

Drazen, Mullins and ray ray have the same badges

Hell…just throw Gilbert at the 2 if u want the badges. He can hold his own on defense & he’s basically buy now.


What make Diamond Klay so much is the combo of release and HOF Shoot badges.

100k per HOF badge

Yep. I can hit whites not greens from the hash and logo on a regular. Normal and HC Klay cant do that. And once Diamond Klay is in takeover it nothing you can do.

Not 100k per HOF badge. HOF Limitless is priceless. Literally the most expensive badge by Ks at times

Thank you for recommending me to the HC klay. I got him for 16k with gold shooting badges and now hes my starting 2. I shoot better with him then the diamond

I just bought @DaNali HC Klay. Can’t wait to make it splash

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I just want an Amethyst Klay already :disappointed: