For the love of GOD can someone help me find a playbook

I will win 10 out of the 12 every single time, but really good off ballers keep me from even coming close to 60 points. PM me if you dont want to tell everybody. I have used at least 7 playbooks trying to find some plays that work, but I got nothing.

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Pretty sure its the same as Boston…but I’ll try to find some plays again.

It’s similar but I believe pelicans have a few more plays either that or Boston has more plays

03 Mavs

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Lakers has been go to me.

Sonics 96. Limited plays but some really unique ones for 3 pointers.


Pelicans, and watch Sam Phams money plays tutorials. He uses that playbook and highlights 5 or so plays from it.

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Turn on auto playcalling and try out as many playbooks as u can against the cpu. U never know what fits your style.


I got the regular hawks playbook from my beginner pack and it had the plays I like so I’ve been using it from the jump lol. Some common 3pt plays and plays to get my 1 and 4 open for 3.

Just did 3 days w Hawks playbook & like always went 10-2 & couldnt find many plays i liked. Tried Celtics, Bucks, Lakers, Hawks, Mavericks, Clippers.

Damn…I just sold that a week or so ago.

I like the rockets. They have a couple quick hitting flares plays and good 3point plays for your center which is huge for me. I tried the pelicans playbook and sams Pham plays their great vs computer but won’t help you much in unlimited

I thought you said playbooks don’t work this year? Only spam P&F?


Your right I think the purpose of a play is to get a good shot. Your best option for a good shot is to run 3 pnf and 1 pnr every possession at some point they will probably get caught up n your get a good shot. You need to score about 75 points to win if plays are your main source of scoring you will lose. However plays can get you 6-10 points a game if you call them at the right time n surprise your opponet. The flare plays take about 5 secs if they open up I’ll try it if not I run my normal stuff. The center plays are big cause I call them if the shot is open I take it but if not you get 5 out with the other teams main rim protector chasing your center so now u can go to work. If people are calling plays on you just call a double team then when the guy takes 2 steps switch to him n go back. Just that little action will ruin the other teams play!!!

You’re right. Just the fact that you can cancel another team’s plays with a double team means plays longer than a few seconds are pointless online.

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Pelican and Celtics playbook are different this year but they were the same last year.
Btw rockets hawks magic and wizard playbook are basically the same

What kind of plays do you want from your playbook ? maybe I can help you out


I’m good in the post and transition…3 point plays or cuts to the basket would be nice.