For the budget ballers(ps4) Nvm sold

White kobes and he comes with limitless and I think deep range

That is an absolute scam my guy, that card wont be useful within the month

However if it was September, I think this would be a great deal for budget ballers

Yikes. 60k shoe on a 2k card.


I dunno about that one…

Might as well quick sell, ain’t no one paying 20k for that trash card

No not quicksell, sell it for 7.5k

Please nobody buy this. I’ve seen cards like Penny Hardaway go for 3-5k fully badged out with good diamond shoes. This is not worth more than 2-3k MT. I picked one up with limitless, deadeye, and defensive stopper and diamond Curry 3’s.

Well I’m using switch prices, and Penny is going for 8-10k the last time I checked

Not here on PS4.

Lol, console auction house ain’t as chaotic as switch

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Clearly someone didn’t read y’all comments beforehand

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He sold his Diamond PG for 20k just to show us up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahahaha lmao that was actually funny

I wish I had a Diamond PG lol