For the 20th time kaj or drob?

Sorry, but need advice on this!

KAJ if you don’t spam 3s with your center

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I already have diamond robinson with foams as backup center

i fuck with drob hes the perfect 4 but will dominate at the 5. his jumper is cheese and his ability to stretch the floor over kareem is crazy. but i can see the arguement for kareem soooo

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KAJ. He’s the best center I’ve used all year.


Also my Robinson is locked cause of Malone lol

Seach bar

Kareem he can dribble like a point guard and is still butter from 3

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KAJ is slightly better than DRob at the 5 but I prefer not to use Admiral at PF. Best case if you run two units evenly, that you use both at C

Check my post titled “ode to Kareem”

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Who is better defensively?

Who’s the better slasher

His shot is easy and you can get him to a 88 open 3 with shoe and coach… I shoot limitless 3s with him and he hits a bunch. He’s so dominant in the post and runs the floor like a gazelle. And practice his sky hook. Hard to green but still goes in. So much fun.

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Kareem has better D stats and has hof pick pocket additionally

I would say KAJ. He has cheesy dribbles and if you are not a dribble god, his simple running behind the back is so good, you will get people all the time in 1 on 1 situations.

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Really? Damn Hof pick poket? Lol

Both have rim , d stopper, and hustle rebounder so that’s kind of huge

DROB easily , IMO best player model in the game looks like a bus


Different roles, imo.
Depends on your playstyle.
Kareem is a bit better in the post, but DRob is a deadeye shooter.
I don’t even shoot many 3s with my bigs, but he just has a perfect jumpshot and is an animal in every other aspect of the game.
And I’ve never had any other C do so many standing dunks.

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It depend on you play style and mt with drob you don’t have to put a 3point shoe so that means you can put the Kyrie pe 99sd with coach and 98LQ meaning he can guard anyone and out run all centers

If you chuck 3s drob otherwise kareem